False Chimney Breasts

We fabricate bespoke False Chimney Breasts out of metal stud work, to give you your dream look. This can house any appliance from Multi-fuel Stoves, Gas Fires to Electric Fires and more.

Electric Fires

Our electric range covers both inset and freestanding appliances, both with a good heat input to the room and highly efficiency they are becoming more and more popular.

Gas Fires

Our Gas range covers both inset and freestanding appliances. Both LPG, Natural Gas and all Flue Types we can offer supply and fit on most fires on the market. Gas is always a popular choice for its instant heat effect to your room and easily operated.

Multi-fuel Stoves

We have a vast range of all different fires for every type of room both contemporary and traditional, also we offer smaller and higher range to fit any budget.


We offer over 30 different types of Fireplace and Surrounds, we are a part of a very select few to be able to supply these types Fireplaces in the Northampton area.

Flues / Systems

Flexible liners all though are not mandatory, are worth their weight. Not only are they a simple solution for damaged or leaking chimneys, they make the appliance more efficient and take our any hidden implications within the chimney.