Flue Systems and Chimney Systems

Flue systems and chimney systems are designed to evacuate combustion exhaust from furnaces, boilers, and other fuel-burning devices.

Flues / Systems are just one of our many products / services that we offer, and we’ve spent the last 35+ years supplying them to hundreds upon thousands of individuals and businesses across the UK!

A flexible flue liner, whilst not mandatory, is designed for re-lining an existing masonry chimney and offer a simple solution for damaged or leaking chimneys.


They make the appliance more efficient and take out any hidden imperfections within the chimney, and are now fitted to the majority of our installs for extra peace of mind.


Not only that, but they hold a 25-30 year warranty depending on which grade is fitted.

Flexible Liners

We supply and fit all grades of flexible flue liners for multi fuel, all being made from a top-quality metal and carrying a 20-25 year warranty as standard.

Twin Wall Systems

Twin wall flue is the answer to having a stove wherever you want – either internally or externally.

Twin wall flue pipe is a “clip-together” chimney system that can be used to safely take the combustion gases from a wood burning stove and outside to the atmosphere.


We are certified to carry out all types of design and installation from start to finish. The Twin wall flue comes standard as silver or black, but can be powder coated any colour to match either your roof or brickwork.


We supply and fit two different grade of flue systems from the manufacturer Poujoulat. They come standard off the shelf in either stainless steel or satin black finish, and we can also provide a colour powder coating service if you wish to match the surroundings.


Any size, any fuel; we have the solution.

Gas Flues

We can offer all types of gas flue, for all types of appliance. From Flexible liner for fires/boilers to Duo Gas/Condensing appliances.

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