Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t have a chimney, can I still have a woodburner?

Yes, you will require a fabricated chimney such as a twin wall insulated flue system, which can either run internally through your property or externally.

Are you HETAS registered?

Yes, we are and have been since 2003.

What heat output do I need for my room?

This will be dependent on your room size, which can be calculated on the FREE home survey we provide. Other factors of consideration when choosing a stove is the ventilation requirement relating to the kilowatt output.

Do I have to have a liner fitted?

This is not a mandatory requirement, but most stove manufacturers will recommend a liner to give the stove its full efficiency.


The secondary purpose of a liner is to repair a chimney if its aged and prevent dangerous carbon monoxide gases seeping into the house by any faults that may be in your chimney that you are unaware of.


The liner will also help insulate the chimney and flue gases to stop the events of chimneys fires caused by tar residues and incomplete combustion. Another consideration if you have a chimney liner it may well reduce your annual home insurance premium.

How long does a stove install take?

A standard stove and liner installation with cover plate to a prepared site can be completed within 1 working day. If we are installing a fabricated chimney stainless steel system these generally take up to 2 working days. Fireplace alterations are totally dependent on how much work is involved. We can inform you as to the time scale of the installation on our FREE quotation home visit.

I have a Gas stove can I replace it with a woodburner?

This will depend on the existing flue system of your gas stove. Sometimes it’s possible to exchange from gas to solid fuel utilising your current system. However the majority of the time it is necessary to upgrade from a gas liner to a solid fuel liner as the two are incompatible.

I’ve already got a liner, can I re-use it?

This is totally dependent on the appliance you want to install to it. For instance gas liner is unacceptable for woodburning or multifuel burning appliances. However multifuel liner is acceptable for any gas burning appliances. All multifuel liners have a shelf life, this will depend on the age and condition and the amount of wood/solid fuels that have been burnt through it. We can inspect the existing liner on our FREE home visit to assess condition of the lining.

Can I purchase my stove from you?

Yes we have a range of recommended suppliers that we can introduce to you. First we will assess the property and recommend which size stove you require and supply you with their contact details.

Got any other questions?

If you have any further questions not covered in our FAQ section, please visit our contact us page and fill in the form there, or alternatively call 01604 402916 to speak to a member of our team.