Although servicing Multi-Fuel appliances is not mandatory, it is well worth knowing if your appliance is still operating safely on a yearly basis.  We can offer a service cross-checking the safety of flue and necessary parts.

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Although there is no mandatory requirement to service you solid fuel stove, a general check over and sweep every year is a must. As we also specialise in all fire spares and parts, we can replace any faulty components you may not recognise. A chimney sweep once annually will keep your chimney clear of obstruction and soot, this practice will not only rectify any potential fire hazard but will keep your flexible liner warranty valid (if you have one).

Gas Fire Servicing this is a must, you should get all your gas appliances serviced annually to ensure they are still operating at a safe standard. We use a very respectable gas company, with over 30 years experience in the industry to install and service all our gas work.

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